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Clients' Reviews:

Be part of the list of happy clients who have benefited from Rili Services as their Virtual Professional Executive Assistant.

What Executives and Clients have said about Lilia's performance:

Brenda C.

Energy and regulatory executive/Barrier Buster/Risk Intuitive

May 14, 2020, Brenda managed Lilia directly

I would highly recommend Lilia Saro.  Lilia worked with me at the Alberta Energy Regulator where she displayed significant soft skills including her ability to interact with others, unparalleled initiative and diligence to ensure all her responsibilities were completed with a high degree of professionalism and quality.  I often had very positive comments from those within and outside the organization noting her courteous manner, despite some difficult situations and her willingness to step up beyond the confines of her role.  She enabled a positive change in the group's culture by taking the opportunity to set up meet and greet activities, to acknowledge Mother's and Father's days with fun activities and build in team building activities whenever possible eg Halloween scavenger hunt.  Employees within the group often commented that Lilia's initiative provided a positive and fun outlet to get to know other's in a very large team.  Lilia is an asset to a leader and to the team she supports....I am very confident in her abilities to perform to a high standard and bring positive energy to a group.

Dr. Beth H.

Director of Counselling and Training-CITIS; Adjunct Research Faculty, Global Program, Sofia University

February 21, 2018, Dr. Beth H. was Lilia's client

"Ms Lilia Saro has been my Personal Assistant since Spring 2017. In addition to being fluent in three languages (English, French and Spanish), Ms. Saro is an outstanding worker and support person. She has helped me with everything from general ledger bookkeeping, to organizing my files, managing my client files (including doing confidential intakes) to creating power points and, newsletters. Ms Saro has also helped with personal tasks ranging from getting estimates and organizing my medical receipts plus submitting them for reimbursement to insurance, to taking my dry cleaning to the laundry. She is organized, efficient, honest and reliable. No job is too big or too small. I highly recommend her."

Jim B.

Analytics Leader, Innovation & Digital Leader, Business Optimizer, Data Specialist, Machine Learning

February 21, 2018, Jim B. managed Lilia and also was Lilia's client

"Lilia is a dedicated, hard working senior administrative professional who is task oriented. Lilia often finished projects sooner than expected and always delivered value. She would be a great asset to business teams requiring complex or significant administrative support. On a personal note that spills into her new value offerings, Lilia has a passion to help others. We hired Lilia to assist us through a particularly chaotic time. She helped bring sanity to our situation by structuring, advertising, and hosting a successful living estate sale. Lilia brought strong organizational skills that she honed in her administrative career to her personal assistant offerings. Simply put, Lilia ‘makes it happen’ and ‘takes the edge off.’

Sheryl-Ann C.

Faculty Member, Indigenous Leadership, Governance and Management at Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity

November 9, 2017, Sheryl-Ann was Lilia's client

"Lilia is an exceptional assistant. She is organized, extremely quick, responsive and incredibly smart. She has a very large capacity and is level headed and rarely gets rattled. She works well under pressure and anticipates needs. In addition she is an amazing cook - not in the job description, however I have enjoyed her Mexican dishes. I highly recommend Lilia as a virtual office assistant or as an executive assistant."

Paul M.

Project Development Consultant at Private Consultant

March 2, 2016, Paul managed Lilia directly

"Lilia was an excellent Executive Assistant who could be counted on to consistently deliver high quality work. She had an outstanding work ethic, excellent IT skills, excellent administrative skills and was constantly looking for ways to help improve the office atmosphere. Lilia was an excellent assistant and I missed her when she left Syncrude."

"Organization of events: this is particularly good work, very creative and requires lots of non-normal efforts (outside regular hours). Major Kudo's on the initiative and the sustainment of the work."

"She takes initiative to schedule and set up meetings without my prompting."

November 2015:

Rob T.

VP, Gas Resource Development, Husky Energy 

February 2016, Rob T. managed Lilia directly

"Lilia's technical skills are the best of any Executive Assistant I have had the opportunity to work with and she strives to update and improves her skill set.  She excels in her technical skills and team building efforts."

"Lilia effectively manages the administrative requirements for a fairly large group and makes transition for people moving in and out of the group seamless.  She has excellent organizational skills and is constantly looking for ways to improve the way the group works."

"She anticipates her manager's administrative requirements and keeps all necessary records up to date."

Events organization:  "This is an area of strength, keeping the group's moral up is key to maintaining a motivated, high performance team. Lilia has put a lot of effort into managing the limited entertainment budget and keeps things going with fund raising activities in the group."​

"Lilia always completes time sensitive tasks on or ahead of schedule.  She makes an effort to keep everyone organized and makes a particularly strong effort to plan and prepare team building events."

June 2010:

Jimmy D.  

Manager, Syncrude Canada

November 2010, Jimmy D. managed Lilia directly

"Lilia is the 'Radar O'Reilly' of Syncrude.  She seems to anticipate what I need before I even have a clue.  Great attitude... so pleasant to work with.  First class professional"

"Lilia goes the extra mile to make sure that I have all the information required for meetings."

"She has no idea how great it was to come back after 8 weeks off and not be buried in hundreds of emails."

Sam K.

Manager, Syncrude

November 2010, Sam K. managed Lilia directly

"Lilia has done an excellent job in managing my travel and calendar. She carefully arranges my calendar optimizing my time along with those of my direct reports.  Lilia books and follow-up with travel as plans change. Again, Lilia does this proactively without me having to ask."

"During extended absences, Lilia will monitor and manage my e-mail helping to ensure that I am not buried in junk e-mail while away."

"Lilia has done an excellent job in organizing events, again taking a proactive manor with little/no oversight."

"Lilia is also an extremely dedicated worker.  She checks e-mail and follows-up on issues in her own time (evenings/weekends/holidays) and takes full ownership of her responsibilities."

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